Gauteng CET College

2022-2023 Polices


National Policies

Service Delivery Framework for communitry Colleges 2017

Draft National policy on annual reporting for CET colleges

Call for comment on the draft national policy on student support services for community education and training colleges
National policy on Curriculum Development and Implementation in Community Education and Training colleges.

The policy and procedure for regulating the opening, merging and closing of Community Education and Training colleges learning sites.

Draft policy Framework for the Development of Admission Policies by CET Colleges

Call for comment on the draft policy on the conduct, administration and management of assessment of the GETCA

Nomination form for Community Colleges Concil Members 

Draft National Policy on Verification of Enrolments and Staff in the Community Education and Training

National Improvement Plan for teaching and learning for Community Education and Training

National Policy for the Monitoring and Evaluation  of CET Colleges

Continuing education and training (CET) Act No. 16  of 2006

Economics, Business & Finance book – WEB

English First Additional Language – WEB



NASCA Human and Social Sciences – WEB


Natural Sciences Book- WEB

Quantitative Literacy – WEB

Regulations on the conduct, administration and management of assessment for NASCA

College Policies

Accounting Records Policy

Asset Management Policy

Audit & Risk Management Committee Policy

Bank Reconciliation Policy

Borrowing Policy for GCETC

Cash Management Policy

Cellular Telephone & Mobile Device Reimbursement Policy

Conflict of Interest Declaration Policy

Control of Gifts, Donations & Sponsorship

Council Charter Policy for GCETC

Creditors Management Policy

Debt Management Policy

Ethics Charter Policy

Executive Committer Charter Policy

Facility Hiring Policy

Finance Committee Charter Policy for GCETC

Fleet Management Policy

Internal Audit Charter Policy

Payroll Administration Policy

Petty Cash Policy

Planning and Resource Committee Charter

Policy on the Use of College Telephone for GCETC

Risk Management Policy

Subsistence & Travel Policy

Supply Chain Management Policy

Tuition Fees Policy


Action Plan

Strategic Plan 2016/17 – 2019/20

Annual Perfomance Plan 2021

Strategic Plan 2020 -2024